Create your own wooden bead keychain with this fun DIY craft kit!  You design, paint and assemble it however you choose!

Get creative and design your own fun keychain for your bag or keys.  Also paint + decorate a matching mini drawstring bag to give it as a gift. These kits are perfect for kids as well as adults!

Each kit includes:

-1  Key ring
-1  Wooden Ring
-1  Wooden heart charm
-1  Paintbrush
-1  Mini drawstring bag 
-2 Jump Rings
-3 Tassels (various colors)
-6 Paint colors 
- Various colors of suede cord + string
- Various sized wooden beads
- Various colorful beads

There are so many ways to create your keychain + bag with plenty of supplies to be as creative as you want! These make great gifts and also a fun at home craft project for you or your little ones.

Painted Keychain DIY Craft Kit