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Create your own unique Painted Bead Necklace!  Each kit comes with various wooden beads to paint and decorate. Use your 6 color paint palette to paint your beads then string them onto the suede cord to make something special you can wear yourself or gift!


There are so many different ways to create your own necklace.  The supplies provided allow for open-ended creativity and fun!



Need ideas or inspiration?  Check out our tutorial page HERE


Painted Bead Necklace Craft Kit

  • Details

    Recommended Age: 5+

    Skill Learned: Painting

    Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

    Included 6 color paint palette: Moody


  • What's Included!

    What's Included:

    -1 5x7 canvas crossbody bag

    -6 color paint palette (Bright Rainbow) --> add more colors HERE

    -1 paintbrush

    -1 bag of embellishments + pom poms

    -1 tube of B-7000 glue (read caution below)

    -1 suede tassel + jump ring

    -1 container of glitter

    -1 bundle of yarn


    *Add-on an EXTRA 6 color paint palette for more color options! Click HERE to select extra paint options!


  • Suggested Use!

    Use your 6 color paint palette (moody) to paint your beads.  Allow them to fully dry then additional colors + patterns ontop if desired. 

    String your dry beads onto the suede cord then use gold jump ring and tassel to add beside your beads.  

    Use the gold clamps to add closure to the ends of the necklace.  Place the suede cord end into on side of the clamp and squeeze together tight.  Repeat on the opposite side and test out your closure!  You can also tie both ends in a knot instead of using the gold closure.

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