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Create your own unique Painted Planter Pot!  Each ceramic pot is 3" and primed white.  Use your 6 color paint palette to design your own pattern then use the provided glue to add embellishments!  


There are so many different ways to create your own planter pot.  The supplies provided allow for open-ended creativity and fun!


Need ideas or inspiration?  Check out our tutorial page HERE

Painted Ceramic Planter Pot Craft Kit

  • Details

    Recommended Age: 5+

    Skill Learned: Painting

    Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

    Included 6 color paint palette: Moody


  • What's Included!

    What's Included:

    -1 3" white ceramic planter pot

    -6 color paint palette (moody) --> add more colors HERE

    -1 paintbrush

    -1 bag of embellishments + pom poms

    -1 tube of B-7000 glue (read caution below)

    -1 container of glitter

    -1 bundle of yarn


    Add-on an EXTRA 6 color paint palette for more color options! Click HERE to select extra paint options!

  • Caution

    *Each craft kit comes with B-7000 industrial craft glue.  Please use caution and read warnings on back.  This glue is great for multi purpose crafts but requires assitance for little ones.


    Adult supervision is recommended for children under 5 when using craft kits.

  • Suggested Use!

    Use your 6 color paint palette (moody) to paint and deisgn your planter pot.  Once it dries, use the glue provided to add flowers, pom poms, embellishments or glitter!  

    Once everything is dry, add in a plant and watch it grow in your unique creation!

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