These Sensory Play Kits are perfect for your little ones! Sensory play sparks kid’s imagination, supports language development and encourages creativity while exercising fine motor skills.
Space Exploration Kit Includes:

-1 roll of homemade, nontoxic, play dough
-1 bag of beans
-1 bag of rice
-1 mini wooden rolling pin
-1 mini wooden scoop
-1 container of glitter
-1 container of sequins
-various textured beads
-large star buttons
-space exploration figurine
-pipe cleaners
-mini glow in the dark stars
-glittery balls
-space rocks
-American flag

These kits make great gifts that are both fun and educational!
*Please note that kit contents may vary slightly and may not match exactly what’s pictured.
*Wooden trays are sold separately ($6). Plastic tubs also work great!
*If dough shows signs of white salt crystals, just add a couple drops of warm water and knead. The dough will be as good as the day it was made! Dough will last 3 months and up if stored in a zip top bag.
*Kits are not recommended for children under 3 without adult supervision!

Space Exploration Sensory Play Kit