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Create your own unique resin barrettes!  Each kit allows you to make 4 fun barrettes.


Add color, charms and glitter to your resin and pour into the silicone molds provided!  Once dry, pop them out and glue onto your clips.  Add any extras you would like after they're all the way dry!


Need ideas or inspiration?  Check out our tutorial page HERE

Resin Barrette DIY Craft Kit

  • Details

    Recommended Age: 4+ (adult help required for oven)

    Skill Learned: Coloring

    Estimated Time: 1 hour


  • What's Included!

    What's Included:

    -2 silicone barrette molds

    -1 wooden stir stick

    -2 paper cups

    -1 pair of small gloves (latex free)

    -2 glass jars of resin

    -3 bags of mica powder for color

    -2 bags of charms + emellishments

    -1 tube of B-7000 glue (read caution below)

    -4 barrette clips

    -3 containers of glitter

  • Caution

    *Each craft kit comes with B-7000 industrial craft glue.  Please use caution and read warnings on back.  This glue is great for multi purpose crafts but requires assitance for little ones.


    Adult supervision is recommended for children under 5 when using craft kits.

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